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Where is Sam going?

Flying from London to Delhi, then spending a day in Delhi before travelling 526 km northwest to Dharmsala and the Kangra Valley up high in the Himalayan mountains.

The highest mountain Sam will be visiting is just behind Dharamsala, the Dhauladhar, or 'White Mountain', at about 5,639m.

Sam will be camping in tents on this 10-day trek and supported by a local guide (to point him in the right direction) and porter (to assist with the luggage). All food will be cooked over camp fires and, along with water supplies will need to be carried on the trek. This isn't a walk in a park.

Himalayan Mountains facts:

    - There are 14 peaks over 8000m high.
    - The word Himalaya is made of 2 words in Hindi - 'Him' which means snow, and 'Alaya' which means home. Thus, the Himalayas are the "Home of Snow".
    - The death percentage in the Himalayas is currently around 5% of visitors; caused by:
       + Avalanches
       + Falling rocks
       + Crevasse falls
       + Other falls (including getting hit by falling climber)
       + Severe exhaustion/dehydration
       + Whiteout
       + Lost tents
       + Tropical and all kinds of other infections

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