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Every penny sponsored or pledged goes directly to actionaid to help the worlds poorest.

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About ActionAid

Who are ActionAid?

ActionAid is one of the UK's largest international development organisations, helping poor people in over 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. ActionAid are committed to working for a world without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity.

Money raised by global challengers, such as Sam Hill, goes directly towards countries and projects all over the world most in need of funding.

ActionAid's approach is one vof helping. It's not merely about helping people during a crisis. It's about eradicating the poverty which leads to the crisis in the first place.

One in 10 children in the developing world die before their fifth birthday. The diseases they suffer from differ. But the cause is almost always the same. Poverty.

ActionAid is working in some of the poorest areas of the world to end this cycle of dispair. Helping local communities access safe, clean water, education, healthcare, nutrition, food porduction and a means to generate thier own income.

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