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Every penny sponsored or pledged goes directly to actionaid to help the worlds poorest.

Sam Goes Walkies:
About the trip

What is Sam Goes Walkies?

"Sam Goes Walkies" is the name for Sam Hill's adventure across India and Tibet, aiming to raise as much money as possible for the charity Action Aid and the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign.

2005 started out as being the year to end world poverty, with the UK presidency of the G8 there was a lot of forward momentum and high profile events, such as live8 to raise awareness of world poverty. But, to be honest, not much has been achieved, governments have made more pledges but nothing that much further forwards than those proposed in 1999.

With this in mind, Sam Hill is aiming to do something that actually helps to not just raise funds for one of the best charities in the world for combating world poverty but as part of the trip to also help some of the worlds poorest people, and the next generation for this planet - its children.

Sam goes Walkies: The big trek

By doing something a little different to both raise awareness of world poverty and to raise funs for ActionAid, Sam Hill has decided to go on a 10 day trek across the toughest, most inhospitable terrain known to man - the Himalayan mountains.

Starting in Dahamsala with a greeting and a teaching from the Dali Lama on the spiritual path (and probably being advised that what Sam is about to do next is completely bonkers), Sam will depart on a 10 day trek across through Kangra Valley and the Himalayan mountains going from 1000 metres to 5600 metres in height, and covering nearly 300 miles visiting various Tibetan communities and villages on the journey, camping out each night in the mountains where temperatures vary from upto 28 degrees during the day to rather chilling -10 degrees at night (brr)...

But, before the trek can even begin, the main reason for going - to visit and help to rescue some of Delhi's street children. No sooner than the plane landing and Sam departing from it then he will be off to Delhi - not to explore its labarynth of streets nor to take in its famous markets - but to rescue street children from poverty.

Presuming Sam survives the trek (which is no certainty), he will be attending a celebratory end of trek banquet Taragarh Palace, home to the Maharajahs before travelling back to the UK.

So, please either sponsor Sam for the number of miles he survives in the Himalayan mountains or just make a one-off pledge.

While you enjoy the run up to Christmas and the prosperity on offer in the UK, spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves, and instead of buying Christmas Cards this year; or maybe have just one less drink at your Christmas Party - and pledge that money as sponsorship of sam on this trek.

Sam aims to raise atleast £3000 for ActionAid by undertaking this trek. Please note: The cost of undertaking this trek is aproximately £1500 - which Sam will be covering personally. This is to ensure that every single penny pledged by sponsors will go directly to ActionAid.

Please dig deep, sponsor Sam's trek across the Himalayas - and in doing so join the campaign to MAKE
POVERTY HISTORY and bring equality and justice to all.

"Gazing upon the splendour of the Dhalaudhar mountains, many people are drawn to trek among the hills and peaks themselves. They follow in the footsteps of nomadic herds people and pilgroms, who for centuries have traversed the passes and valleys. In my younger years I too enjoyed venturing into the hills sourrounding the Dharamsala, which has been home to me for more than 30 years. Spending time in the mountains is tremendously uplifting."
- message from H.H. Dali Lama - Thekchen Choeling.

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